Slow Your Roll | Saturday, June 15 from 1-2:30

Kevin Perrone, Kinetic Potential

$20 or a class pass

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You know the rolling we do at the beginning of class? Want more? Here’s your opportunity!

This 1.5 hours of self-care will teach you ways to make rolling hurt less, unlock tight muscles better, and integrate strength and length into your body for longer-lasting changes in flexibility and mobility.

Instead of rolling the entire body, we'll be focusing on the back body.


Go With the Flow | Saturday, June 22 1:30-3 

Colleen Cole

$20 or a class pass

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Join this playful specialty class to explore movement in a way that feels good in your body! We will cover a variety of ways for our bodies to go with the flow while inviting mobility, strength, coordination, and balance into your practice. You will experience spinal waves, gentle flow combinations, animal movements, group/partners games, and a sweet and balanced cool down. This is suitable for all levels, just bring your open mind and curiosity! :)

Find Your Focus: Yoga Arm Balances | Sunday, June 30 10-12:30p

Aiya Williams, Aiya Yoga

$40 or two class passes

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Arm balancing is a powerful, fierce, fun, funny, and playful practice.

The poses are challenging because they require a combination of balance, flexibility, strength, and fine control to master. And. Every arm balance has stages leading up to it.

In this 2.5 hour workshop, you’ll learn foundational movements for solid arm balances, basic principles behind creating lift, and stages leading toward arms balances, including koundinyasana, astrakravasana and more!

Bring a yoga mat, water, and joyful curiosity!